Kirsty East

Chief Instructor (Karate)

Mrs East started training in Karate at the tender age of 7 and currently holds a 5th Dan Black Belt in Shotokan Karate as well as a 4th Dan Black Belt in Wado-Ryu Karate and she is the Chief Karate Instructor at Chuldow Morley. Mrs East also holds black belts in several of the weapons taught at Chuldow as well as 3rd Dan in kickboxing. She is married to Mr East who she met whilst attending a Taekwon-Do class some years ago!


Simon East

Chief Instructor (Taekwon-Do)

Mr East started training in Taekwon-Do in 1991 achieving his black belt in 1994. He has since progressed to the rank of 5th Degree Black Belt and is the Chief Instructor for Chuldow Taekwon-Do. Mr East also holds a 3rd Dan in Kickboxing. Mr East is married to Mrs Kirsty East the two having met at a Taekwon-Do class some years ago!


Brendan Chadwick

Chief Instructor (Kickboxing)

Mr Chadwick has been training in the martial arts from a young age and has decades of experience. He is the kickboxing instructor at Chuldow Morley, holding a 3rd Dan Black Belt, and his passion for kickboxing is apparent in all his classes.

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Nigel Watts

Senior Instructor (Karate)

Mr Watts has trained for a number of years at Chuldow Morley achieving his 3rd Dan Black Belt in Karate as well as black belt grades in a number of the weapons systems taught at Chuldow. He is of course a Chuldow Certified Instructor.


Nasreen Arshad

Certified Instructor

Holding a 2nd Dan in Karate and 1st Dan in Kickboxing Miss Arshad has trained at Chuldow Morley for a number of years. She is a Certified Instructor and also brings her experience as a Teaching Assistant to the mats.